Speed, Reliability, Simplicity. Cloud Redifined.

Easy to Deploy

It doesn’t get any easier than this to deploy your servers. Login to your control panel, assign resources, select OS, click deploy. Done.

Ultra-fast CPU

Each VPS server gets an extremely generous CPU share and free to burst usage as needed 24/7 with no limits whatsoever.

Extreme Disk I/O

Your servers will be based on RAID10 Pure SSD arrays AND will be using our read-IOPS-enhancing secret sauce RAM-based Read Caching.

Scale up and down on demand

Expecting a large spike in sales/visitors/usage after a promotion? Has your site gone viral? Scale up in minutes and deliver the performance your customers demand!

Peace of mind

Worried about backups and business continuity? Don’t be! We can offer complete disaster recovery with backups and replication (onsite & offsite).

Easy to Understand Pricing

You don’t need a calculator to predict your hosting costs. Pay using a 100% flat rate monthly fee or get two months free with an annual plan!

Deploy your Extreme I/O Performance Linux or Windows VPS now