Windows Server Management Services

Server Management is vital to ensure your business doesn’t suffer the negative impacts of security breaches, data loss and poor site performance.

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We make Server Management easy

If you don’t have the time, lack expertise or simply don’t want to be involved with server management, we can provide the necessary support. Our server management experts manage your daily server operations 24/7/365. Let us monitor, secure and backup your systems, take care of complex server tasks and address critical issues while you focus on growing your business.

How we do it

First part

Our Windows Server Management services are separated in two parts. First, we analyze and secure your servers. This includes the following steps:

Spam, Malware and Hack Review

Firewall Settings Review

Logging Services Setup

Windows Server Patching and Updating Review and Setup

Deactivation of Unused/Insecure Services

Backup Plan Evaluation/Setup

Server Migration (if necessary)

How we do it

Second part

Once the first part is completed, we start our day-to-day monitoring, updating and troubleshooting. This includes:

1-minute Server Uptime Monitoring

1-minute Monitoring of up to 5 services of your choice

Instant Downtime Investigation

Windows Server Updates Monitoring and Installation

Software Patching (only for supported software)

Server Performance Monitoring

Backup Monitoring and Verifying

Server Backup Restoration and Disaster Recovery (if needed)

Routine Anti-Virus & Malware Scans

10-minute Response Time to any issues

Let us handle Server Management while you focus on your Business

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