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Windows VPS Cloud Servers

If your needs are modest or if you need to easily scale up or down, start with a VPS Cloud Server. You can choose between an unmanaged server or a server fully managed by us. If you choose a managed server, we’ll take care of initial set up based on your requirements, we’ll provide continuous uptime monitoring and intervention and we’ll be pro-actively managing the OS and your applications.

Windows Dedicated Servers

Maybe you need (extremely) large RAM quantities. Or maybe you need a lot of CPU power. Or your business has to comply with specific industry standards that forbid you to use “shared” hardware for your workloads. In this case, go with our Windows Dedicated Servers. Just like our VPS servers, you can choose to have us manage your server. Our management services will be the same as with our Managed VPS Cloud Servers but it will all be based on your own dedicated server hardware.

Linux VPS Cloud Servers

Most workloads do not require Windows Server on the backend. That’s fine, and actually much more common for public internet facing workloads. All of our Cloud Servers can be provisioned with any of the common Linux distributions available.


Linux Dedicated Servers

And of course, if you need your own dedicated server hardware based on Linux, we can provide this too. Choose a preconfigured setup or, if you need a custom hardware configuration, just tell us about it and we’ll prepare the best setup for your needs.


Providing you with the necessary backup & restore options

Giving you access to uptime and perfomance monitoring tools

Making security & privacy one of our top priorities

Unprecedented Speed. Impeccable Reliability.

Uptime Guarantee

We provide an uptime guarantee of 99.98%. Note that during our 12 years of operations we never came close to that limit, in fact, most years we’re at 100% for all services. You can see more details about this at our status page.

Secure Backups

We provide backup addons for all services. This is in addition to Disaster Recovery backups that we always maintain and monitor.

Safe & Secure

Your services and data are always safe and secure by being hosted in the most secure and reliable data center locations in the world.

Dedicated Support

We are available to provide support 24/7/365 for all services, even during holidays. We’ll always be here for you, with first response within 10 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 7 day unconditional money back guarantee work?

As simply and transparently as possible. If you decide to cancel during the first 7 days of your subscription then you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

This applies to all services. The only case where a refund is not possible is if you make a custom order that includes extra licenses such as SQL Web Edition (or any other SQL edition except Express) or SharePoint Standard for example. In that case you will get a full refund for the cost of your chosen plan but not for the extra licensing costs involved.

Do you keep backups? Is my data protected?

We offer daily or weekly backups as an extra option for all unmanaged VPS plans.

Our managed VPS plans include daily backups with no extra charges.

With our backup options you are not limited to just Disaster Recovery. By “Disaster Recovery” most hosting companies mean that if something catastrophic happens in their datacenter, they can restore their servers to their working condition prior to the incident. But this is not accessible to clients, it’s an “all or nothing” procedure. With our backup options you can request a restore just for your VPS, anytime you wish, for any reason you might need it for. For example if an application installation did not succeed and created unrecoverable problems, a human error made your VPS unreliable or unstable or a configuration mistake cannot be rectified, you can restore your VPS from a backup and get it to a 100% working condition.

Can I have another version of Windows Server?

All Windows based hosting packages have support for the following OS versions:

  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022
How long will it take to activate my order?

Most order verifications are completed within a few minutes, however occasionally our automated billing system tags and puts on hold orders that match certain criteria until we can verify the identity of a client. This is in an effort to bolster security and prevent fraudulent usage of our platform. While this may cause an inconvenience whilst signing up, as a client you'll come to love our dedication for security.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my Linux VPS and/or my Windows VPS plan?

You can upgrade your services anytime.

Downgrading is currently not supported. Shrinking the hard disk is not possible without risking data loss.

Can you license SQL Server, SharePoint Server or other Microsoft products for my Windows VPS?

Yes, we can. As a registered SPLA Microsoft Partner we can provide any Microsoft software products you need for a low monthly fee. You do not need to purchase perpetual licenses.

Please submit a request, let us know your requirements and we'll get back to you with availability and pricing information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through PayPal. PayPal is the safest and fastest way to pay online. Please note that you don’t have to have a PayPal account, you can use any major credit card with PayPal without registering.

Will I have RDP access?

Yes, you will have RDP (Remote Desktop) access to your Windows VPS with full administrative rights. You’ll be able to make changes to existing software and Windows settings as well as install anything you need (as long as it complies with our TOS) for your projects.

Can I purchase additional IPs?

Yes, but only if you have proper technical justification that cannot be resolved by some other way.

Note that SEO reasons are not considered proper justification and we'll not provide IPs for this.

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